Friday, September 25, 2009

Just one of those rare random thoughts posting. Its Friday, my favourite day of the week. Waiting for time to pass so that i can get ready to head to town to meet some friends. Actually I hate going down to the city on Friday at peak hour, it is always so jammy, and i feel like I'm wasting my precious time being stuck in the jam. But then again, i hate being stuck at home on Friday more, so I will brave the jam and head down to town later.

Its nice and quiet here at my work desk, so nice and quiet that i am in one of the rare mood to blog about... well... random stuff. This is meant to be a Food only blog, but then again, once in a while i guess its okay to add some randomness in my life. I love random things, random people, random events. Which is why i enjoy getting lost. Okay, not really enjoy getting lost, but i dont mind getting lost, be it when i am driving or when i am just walking around random places. And i enjoy the whole process of getting lost when I have nothing else better to do. Gosh this post of mine is getting nowhere. It is LOST!

I am lost! uh oh... ha then again whats new. Like my dear friend used to ask me 'why are u always so lost' and my favourite phrase was 'i dont know' till she kicked the bad habit of mine away. I remember i used to say 'i dont know' to everything so that I dont have to think of anything, and everything could be answered with a simple 3-word phrase 'i dont know' but i guess its a bad habit. My brain was so lazy because of that, then again, it is still lazy nw.

As i sit at my work desk and i looked around, i realise that I'm going to miss many things here. My desk definitely, but really more the people around. Never really appreciated what is around me, in fact I have never pause for a moment to look at what is around me, life is more about running here and there, getting work done, meeting deadlines, trying not to thread on too many toes.

The people around, yes I am going to miss the people around me. My colleagues of whom some have became friends. But strangely i realise I'm going to miss most, the little people around me. The little people who have quietly creeped into my life without me knowing. I realised how much these little people meant to me when i pace up and down their room, wondering how they are feeling, are they happy? are they sad? are they disappointed? are they being too hard on themselves? haii thats why sometimes I think all of us need to maintain some form of detachment to people. I forgot to stretch out my arms and keep these people at arms' length, it is going to be quite painful to see them go. It is strange how comfortable you can be with these people, how you do not need to constantly put up a facade in front of these people, and how you enjoy the company of these people.
I wish i am good with words, I wish i can tell these people how much they meant to me and how much i really appreciate them, but... well.. me being me... nothing ever comes out right when it is translated to words. K maybe next time. but then again, we all know the 'next time' wldnt come by.

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Alison said...

omg the food looks soooo goood!