Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thai Express @ esplanade mall

Had Thai express before running off to catch CATS. Think i told myself and another friend before that i would never ever eat at Thai Express again, but as always, when i have to catch something at Esplanade, there is not much choices so ... yet again Thai Express. Anyway I was also craving for Thai food, so uh well, no harm breaking my promise. SO here is what we had:
Tom Yum Soup to share, it looks deceptively innocent, but it is one mean fiery bowl of soup. I kinda like the fact that it is so overpoweringly spicy!
Tom Yum Soup
Next up my main: Tom Yum Hor Fun. I love this simply because it is spicy. I think i just love the taste of tom yum with the fragrant taste of lemon grass and kaffir leaves. Hmm but i really cant quite comprehend why cooks are always frying cuttlefish in such a way that it is too chewy and unfriendly to the jaws.
Tom Yum Hor Fun
Tom Yum Hor Fun
These are my friends' mains:
Pad Thai
Pad Thai Talay
Green Curry with Rice
Green Curry with rice

We also had the Banana fritters with ice cream of which i couldnt take a photo cos we were running out of time. Anyway there was a funny, or rather smelly, stale oil taste to the fritters. Maybe they fry n refry it with oil which were stale?? hmm

Esplanade Mall 01-13D
Sun - Thurs: 1100 - 2300
Fri - Sat: 1130 - 2400

Anyway it opens till late, so well... one of the places you can visit after a performance in the Esplanade

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dorine said...

if u like banana fritters w ice cream u should try the Kopitiam at Swiss hotel. not the kopitiam food court but the kopitiam restaurant.. think now got citibank promotion.. the banana fritters r gd!!! yum