Friday, October 3, 2008

There are days where all you feel like eating is good old hawker food. Here we are at Chinatown Food Centre - Smith Street. 
Always start of with one of my favourite Chee Chong Fun and Yam Cake stall Jia Ji Mei Shi. I love the yam cake and the sweet sauce! The yam cake has a very distinctive taste, maybe a bit of a charred taste but i really cant make out what it is. As for the Chee Cheong Fun there is another stall which makes the Chee Chong Fun on the spot. It is tastier and smoother unfortunately  can't seem to locate it today. 
Had the Song Fish Head too, not bad =) I love song fish head, especially the fatty tummy area. 
Queue up almost 30 min just to get my tongue on this ba chor mee. First time trying it though I have heard quite alot about it. Not too bad but Tai Wah at Crawford Lane is still the best!!
Super Duper Oily, with lots of Vinegar and Chili oil

After the pigging out session at Chinatown, we went to watch Mama Mia, I must say it is pretty entertaining but of course I am bias towards the show cause i simply love ABBA songs! The only gripe I have though is of course Pierce Bronson playing the lead actor! I think he should just stick to his suave, cool, handsome, calm and compose persona in movies like James Bond. He looks really awkward and stiff acting in a musical and erm he cant dance... he is certainly not a 'dancing king'. I cringe when he broke into a song. simply a weird feeling. Meryl Streep on the other hand put up a relatively commendable performance. 

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