Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice

It has been a long long loooong time since i last had my chicken rice fix. I used to love chicken rice, and of course I still do. But with all the bad publicity about how unhealthy, how fattening chicken rice is, I have stopped eating chicken rice for many years. The only chicken rice stall that I go to, if i ever have an intense craving for chicken rice is Tian Tian Chicken rice@maxwell market. 

One fine Sunday... with mum, aunty, cousins and grandpa we decided to pay a visit to Sin Kee Famous Chicken rice at margaret drive, which is a stone throw away from where grandpa lives. 

This is the tender chicken that went into our tummy...

Too lazy to remove the garnish, so ended up with a photo that focuses on the parsley instead of the chicken =/

Our generous portion of condiments!
Very flavourful rice! hmmm yummmmy!!
Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice
40A Commonwealth Ave / Margaret Drive Food Centre
10:30-21:00 (closed on Monday)
Tel: 64710355


Anonymous said...

there is a nice guo tie nearby too. a few stalls away. but must wait 30 mins for it to arrive.

Anonymous said...

another great place for chicken rice and hainanese food is yu qun near seah street.....=)


AhChew said...

Yeah tried the guo tie before! =) the poh pia on the ground floor is good too!

ohhh oki oki! the next food haunt shall b a Yu Qun! =)

dorine said...

omg reading ur blog always makes me hungry! hahaha esp now tt it is late at nite. i think i am hving my ramen craving again.. :p

AhChew said...

haha yessh i love ramen! always got ramen craving!