Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sushi Tei@Holland Village

Skipped to Holland Village for lunch with a Japanese Food Crazy woman, here is what we had. And this is also what I ALWAYS order. 
I simply cant resist it! I Love Unagi.
Sashimi platter. First time eating Otoro! Sushi Tei is having a promotion for this sashimi platter at $25. Lovely oily Otoro, Salmon Belly and Sword Fish! All my favourite! 
Had the potato croquette, Opps forgot to take a photo before tucking into it. 
Erm cant remember the name of this grilled fish. Whatever it is, if you are looking for grilled fish, just head to Sakuraya, fresher and certainly more satisfying. 

And.............. within 3 hours, I am feeding again... this time round went to the other side of Singapore, Bedok South Market Opposite TJC for their fishball noodles. I am usually not a fan of fish ball noodles, but i kinda want something light and the fish soup stall was closed so... no choice... being a sucker for queue (well the mentality is if there is a queue it must be worthy of the tastbuds) so here I am eating the rather boring fishball noodles. 
so is it worthy of the tastebud? no! The Kway Teow was mushy and glooey, the sauce was alright but should have asked for more vinegar (much more since we have already asked uncle to add more) Oh to be fair to the stall, the fishball was good, bouncy and yummy! Then again, hmmm i am not a very fishbally person. So yes, why did i even bother to patronise this stall.... the QUEUE!

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