Thursday, October 30, 2008

Marutama Ramen

The first time we had ramen here was when the restaurant just opened. Really didn't like the previous try. The soup & egg  were way too salty. Noodles I thought tasted more like wanton noodles, mee kia. 

We decided that since this tiny restaurant in Central has received much raves and reviews from people, today shall be the day for second chance. 

I asked for no spring onions, no coriander and in case they add any weird greens into my ramen i quickly added no 'anything green' probably i said it too fast, the waitress didnt hear me and here came my bowl of ramen with all the greens. Eeeks! i hate the overwhelming smell/taste of parsley, spring onions and coriander... i know it is mean, but i just had to send it back for a new bowl of 'no anything green' ramen. 
Here... here is my new bowl of ramen. K that green thing that is peeking out from the soup is the seaweed. Yup they bothered to ask... so do you want seaweed? Yes! i love seaweed, no adverse reactions toward this 'green stuff'.Both of us ordered the house special, some 7 nut flavour soup, at $15 each bowl. I love the soup, especially with a tinge of the tangy lemon that comes with it. It is lighter, more refreshing and seems healthier than the usual pork-based soup that we are used to. Friend on the other hand prefers the Kyushu pork-based, milky collagen soup. Texture of noodles, i prefer the Kyushu region kind of ramen. I still maintain the stand that this type of ramen tastes too much like mee kia. This bowl of ramen comes with chicken balls, which we felt were too dry and tasteless. Give us back our usual fatty char siew anything!
This is the egg... a bit of a disappointment. Still prefer the one at Tampopo. Egg yolk too cooked, and the egg on the whole is too salty. I wonder why do they have to make it sooooo salty! 
The side dish of char siew that we ordered. Also too dry... uh well.
Will i be back? Certainly... Is it value for money? Definitely not. So why would i be back? I love ramen!

There are days I wonder why do i love ramen so much... a bowl of dry mee pok is much cheaper, more flavourful but....

11:30 - 22:00

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