Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tampopo Restaurant

Went to tampopo twice in 2 weeks! First was with ah T n the second visit was with the Owl. Why do i love tampopo? Seriously I don't know. I think there are better ramen out  there like, Ken Ramen, but still I find myself frequenting Tampopo. Anyway havent had the ramen craving for quite some time. But i am back with vengeance! 

K anyway this was the Ramen I had with Ah T and little S last week. Original Black Pig Shabu-Shabu ramen. Mmmmm it is GOOD! I like milk-based pork bone ramen! Very flavourful! And the black pork is thinly-sliced, shabu shabu style, unlike the usual slab of char siew. The noodles is springy, but not too springy, just the way i like it. Ahh the highlight of the meal was the egg! You add $1.20 for the egg as it doesnt come with it. The egg is lightly flavoured with soya-sauce. Once you sink your teeth into it, the yellow, runny yoke would peeked out of the whites. Best Tamago amongst all the ramen joint!
This is our side of black pig Gyoza. 
I had the original Kyushu Ramen on my second visit to Tampopo with the Owl. Again milk-based pork bone ramen top with cod roe, a slab of char siew and an egg. I am a fan of Kyushu Ramen, dont really like the Hokkaido Ramen as much but I can't wait for my Hokkaido trip in Dec where i would go on a Ramen binge.
Very fatty slab of char siew

This was what the Owl had, black pig (dont-know-what) ramen. Hmm actually if i were to do a taste test of normal pork and black pig, I wonder if I would be able to tell the difference. Ermm anyone willing to sponsor my taste test??
Tampopo Restaurant
Liang Court


Anonymous said...

There is only 1 reason to visit Tampopo - the egg!!! Oh, actually, the katsudon is really yummy too.. I stole a bit of my fren's previously. Next time I must try a bowl myself! L.

Anonymous said...

i dont mind the ramen, and i kinda like the soup but my friend dont like! too salty.