Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beyond the Usual

After Tampopo with The Owl on Friday, we went over to the Botanic Gardens. Our initial plan of the ZOO was spoilt by the weather. You know the constipated type where it looks like its going to rain, but it doesnt rain? Well so instead of heading to the zoo we went over to the Botanic Gardens after our meal. Had to digest our food and not feel so guilty after our carbo-loaded meal. Well we, or rather I concluded that the most eye-candy, pleasant looking thing in the Gardens was Allan Wu and his kids feeding the swans! Too bad, it was just unfortunate that I did not bring along my 18x zoom camera!!! SHUCKS! 

After an hour of walking around the garden, the useless, fatty, piggy us headed down to Holland Village shopping centre for some window shopping and yes... food again!! Initially the plan was just to have a drink, then the Owl suggested finger food, but the finger food at Cafe 211 looks miserable, all deep fried food, so we decided on pizzas. I remembered cafe 211 having a 1 for 1 promotion for pizzas and pastas, so well in times of financial crisis we need to take advantage of promotion like that right? so yeah... had another pasta too... haiii pigg...

Sat: another beyond the usual day. Met L for tunch at pasta waraku. Wanted to head over to Valentino at Rifle Range but they were close, so we immediately made a reservation for the 29th October. Anyway after pasta waraku L was going for her painting class. I offered to send her there, only to be convinced, tempted by her offer of attending her painting class too! 
Yes me! the one who hated Art lessons (second to Math), who remembers vividly horrors of painting apple during art lesson, who remembers getting hit on the knuckles with the teacher's 1 metre rule, the one who got a F for art, the one who gets laugh at when she attempts to draw trees, ox-bow lake, meander. Yup so here is my first time attempt on acrylic painting:
Guess who i was trying to imitate??
well....this is it... erm this is the original painting by Van Gogh... *ashame*

I still cant reconcile with the fact that I cant seem to draw trees!


Anonymous said...

your painting is nice in its own way lah! reminds me of australian aboriginals hmmmm... and come to think of it, i painted the trees rather badly too. maybe i shld re-attempt painting it! L.

Anonymous said...

nooo i really think it looks silly!

dorine said...

u know b4 i saw the van goh one i was thinking picasso hahaha urs hv a more abstract feel to it la