Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vietnam - Ho Chin Minh Part 3

Day 2 begins with a tour of Mekong Delta... 
Our first stop - honey making farm?! erm but then again it is really not exactly a farm, we were herd into a little hut to drink honey. erm so where are the bees? I don't know... 
Next stop, making of coconut candy. I was reluctant to try cos i never like coconut-based candy but well it turned out not too bad, the candies were nice and warm, freshly made. Tip: never ever buy anything from touristy places like that, just pop over to supermarkets or any markets and you will probably get it at a much cheaper price!

Dragon fruit plant! Pitaya or Dragonfruit as it is commonly known,  is a cactus. The flowers bloom only at night. I guess they are creepers that creeps onto the host plant, depending on it for support. Errmmm when i took the photo, the dragonfruit was seated comfortably on the tree... I suspect (should have gone to touch it!) it was placed there by the people for the sake of us tourist. The fruit should rightfully be hanging off the leaves
Next stop: went on a row boat through the little stream.
Lunch, rice with pork chop. And with this it marks the end of a tourist trap!
Dinner at Quan An Ngon, apparently it is a must-try for all first time visitors to HCM. They have a branch in Hanoi too. It is street food in a sterile environment,  very popular with both tourists and locals and of course locals with foreign friends! When we left at about 7 plus, the place was packed! Well... i think it is a good introduction to Vietnamese food, as to whether or not the food is good, I really wouldn't know cos it is veggies and veggies and more raw veggies... so i can be highly bias when i have to consume or even just set my eyes upon mountains of greens!
This is mince beef on sugar cane. Well in most cases in Singapore, I would have happily eaten the meat off the sugar cane, full stop. But here in HCM, we were introduced the proper way of eating (oh yes, there is a lady who had to teach us 'how to eat'), slice the meat off the sugar cane, wrap it with vermicelli, bean sprout, basil leaves, lettuce and rice paper roll. 
My cocktail, creatively named yellow cocktail cos it is yellow
The server recommended the Vietnamese pancake. Not too bad, but erm too many beansprout =/ yes at this very moment I can hear Ann screaming at me! 'You are sooo narrow minded! you need to open up your mind and learn to eat your greens! blah blah blah!!!' and I still maintained that 'you like it or you dont like it! nothing to do with being narrow-minded!' but yes i believe some food are what you call 'acquired taste', at this moment i still have not acquired the taste of bean sprout!
This was my main, pork chop with vermicelli! Piggy had pho! I should have just stuck to pho instead! Didn't enjoy the vermicelli, thought it was kind of plain. But oh well... yes yes keep an open mind. 
The paper roll that we used to wrap everything!
After dinner we went for a walk and after our walk... yet again, we settled down for food! We end off our night with ice-cream at Kem Bach Dang. I ordered the mixed fruits ice-cream in coconut and piggy ordered the longan ice cream. We decided to make a switch after one mouth of our respective ice-cream. So in the end she had mine and I had her's.
Ice cream in coconut topped with watermelon, longan, dragon fruit and strawberries

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