Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vietnam - Ho Chin Minh Final part

Our last lunch in HCM at Wrap and Roll. Another one of those sterile places serving Vietnamese food with a twist. Our first dish, yummy sotong!
Cant remember what is inside this curry puff looking thing

Yup! this is an example of a plate of grass that annoyingly appears on our table every meal! 
ahhhh very addictive fruit shake! so addictive that I crave for it the moment i step out of the shop. In the words of piggy 'you have been whining about wanting to drink fruit shake after we left [wrap and roll'
Vietnamese wrap with a fusion twist. Looks like chee cheong fun! This ought to be my favourite, the chee cheong fun skin is so thin and smooth that it slithers down your throat! Perfect skin is what makes a good chee cheong fun, not the fillings!
It seems weird without some carbo, so I had to order a plate of fried rice. This place dont serve noodles, if not it would have been a bowl of pho! 
We seem barbaric eating so much compared to the other tables. We attracted stares and dagger eyes from others either because of the amount of food we ate or because of our irritating laughters. Piggy kept complaining that I am a messy eater and I had to defend myself that she was no better in terms of dining etiquette. If you could catch a glimpse of her 'veryyy clean' plate, she irritatingly vacuum up every morsel of food on her plate in contrast to my extremely 'messy' plate of wasted food. 

After lunch, yet again we went for a walk and ended up at the Tax Dept store, formerly known as Russian market. This is the street that we went up and down several times hunting for food and places of interests. 
A rather retro looking war world 2 hotel. 
Ended our trip with a visit to the War Museum. Whether or not you are a museum person, i really think this is a must-see in HCM. At least it gives you a glimpse into the recent history of Vietnam. I guess at the end of the day, no matter where you visit, no matter how boring or interesting a place is, it is important to catch a glimpse of the culture, history and yes Geography of a place so that you can leave a place with the brain feeling a little bit more enriched.
Having said that this is a must-see in HCM, I really have to add that this museum can be highly bias and in many ways propaganda in nature. Bearing in mind that this museum was set up by the government just a few months after the Vietnam war, and the purpose was probably to unite the Vietnamese and promote a political cause that Northern Communist government  is here to save the country from the ruthless, violent Americans. It was a glaring one-sided view of the Vietnam War. Nevertheless it tells us how at the end of the day, no one benefits from a war and the ones who suffer the most are the civilians. 
It is a museum with many photographic exhibits of the war taken by local and foreign correspondents. It is really quite stomach-churning seeing the photographs. Really very sad =(
Live exhibits of the war machines
Flight home - this is my air craft food. Vietnamese curry chicken rice

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