Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buko Nero

This is a photoless entry cos the restaurant imposes a no-photography rule. Nevertheless I had to make this entry cos it is probably one of the more memorable restaurants I have been to this year. I don't know if it is memorable because of the yummy food or because of the long waiting list of reservation of this restaurant (A had to make a reservation 2 months in advance just so that R and I can eat here) or because A treated us to this meal! Btw thanks for the yummy treat! Plllleaassseee my turn next time!! Pleaaaseeee!!! Put time and place for our next makan outing.

I cant really remember the names of the food we had cos they were all 'chim' Italian fusion names. We had the set meal and we ordered another appetiser - tau kwa tower which is not bad. 
The 1st course which was an appetiser from the chef was very tasty indeed! Thinking of it makes me drool! Of cos I didnt manage to catch the name. It is some mince beef on thin toasted bread slice, top with finely sliced apple and wasabi sauce. 

Second course was a pomelo salad which was forgettable, then again I could be bias course I am NOT a green person. and YES! I hate tomatoes!

Third course was soup, something like Cannoli Beans with crab meat soup. Didn't really enjoy the soup, was kind of blend and tasted a little weird... or rather on the positive side, unique!

Fourth course was rock melon  YU ZU (in other words those tiny mandarin orange) sherbet. Well.. i thought this was addictive, as much as I dont really fancy sherbet, but this one here with its unique blend of rock melon and tangerine hits the right spot! It opens up your appetite, cleanses your palate in preparation for the main course.

Fifth course, Entree, I had the Pork Saltimbocca with curry leaves sauce and something else which I cant remember. Very delicious indeed! R had the cod with rosemary crust and tamarind. It is good too, I especially love the crispy crust. The tangy taste of tamarind can be pretty subjective, if you are not someone who loves sour food, you probably wouldnt appreciate this. A had the mince beef mix with braised pork ravioli (they use wanton skin for the ravioli), not bad too! Thinking of it makes me drool even though I just had my dinner 15minutes ago. 

Last course: dessert was milk chocolate cake, alas, this was disappointing! Erm but nevertheless I ate up every bit of the cake. 

Finally our meal was accompanied by a bottle of white wine which complements the entire makan session. hmmm how I wish we could go back again... which means, call now and wait for 2 more months!

Buku Nero
126 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tues - Thurs: 1830 - 2130
Fri - Sat: 1200 - 1400, 1830 - 2130
Closed on Mon, Sunday and PH
Tel: 63246225 (reservation is a MUST!)

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