Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big D's Grill

Made a swift escape to Big D's Grill today. Have been having the strong urge to try this place since reading posting. I told myself I need, I must, I will have the Kurobuta Pork!
I was told I have to wait 20min for the chef to fire up the grill, hence I ordered the soup of the day, clam chowder, to keep me occupied. Clam chowder was ordinary, in fact a little diluted but I love the very 'garlicy' toasted bread. 
Ohhh this is what i came for. For the sake of Lynn, she has ordered me to explain what IS the kurobuta. 
Kurobuta are Berkshire Pigs. Berkshire pigs are rare breed of pigs originating from Britain. They are "Britain's oldest pig breed". Kurobuta (Black Pig) is the Japanese term of the Berkshire breed given to Japan by English diplomats in the 1800s. Like the Kurobuta beef's analogues (Wagyu Beef) the pork is well known for its superb meat marbling. The character Napoleon in George Orwell is a Berkshire. =)
Hmm so how do i find the cute black pig? First bite (with the fats) very tender, full of flavour, juicy, best piece of pork I have ever eaten. Second bite with the apple sauce that was given, wow! Perfect match of both the fatty meat and the tangy apple sauce, really wonderful complement! Match made in heaven! Third bite still very delicious. Fourth bite taste like Char Siew! Fifth bite, somehow without the fats the meat seems a little too dry and too salty for my palate.  Tasted abit like smoked ham? Towards the end, I had to drown my meat in the apple sauce cos it was too salty and dry. As always the first two bites are always the best! Whatever it is, worth trying at least once!
One of the side was pumpkin mash, the other side I'm not too sure, some sort of beans I guess, maybe Pinto beans? Anyway the 'i dont know what' was certainly better than the pumpkin mash. Nevertheless both the sides were unique and good, not your usual french fries, bakes beans that you get in a kopi thiam stall. 
Yes! this is the pinkish meat that is characteristic of Kurobuta!
Finally! Homemade dessert, Bonet! Mention ieatishoot and you get a free dessert worth $4 for every $30 spend. This I must say is the highlight of the meal! I am not someone with a sweet tooth, but this smooth, rich, bitter sweet chocolate pudding with caramel sauce is simply heavenly! It slides into the back of your throat and gives your mouth a sweet bitter feeling. Certainly more than satisfy my week long craving of dark chocolate!

For a hawker stall this is not cheap, Pork cost $36, but I guess if you are going to have the Black Pig in a restaurant, it will easily come up to about $50. They have other items like beer battered snapper fish, bangers and mash, beef goulash, boneless chicken leg, pasta etc. Oh you can join the facebook: Fans of Big D's Grill for more information. 

Big D's Grill
Blk 18 Bedok South Road (Opposite Temasek JC, far end kopitiam)
Daily: 11:30 - 14:30
             1800  - 2130
Thurs: 1730 - 2130
tel: 96627040

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Anonymous said...

They've since moved to 46 Holland Drive, #01-359. Also, the bonet promotion is over.