Monday, September 8, 2008

Vietnam - Ho Chin Minh Part 2

Day 1 - Part 2
This posting marks the second half of our major stoning day in HCM. This day is a walk, breathe carbon monoxide, eat, drink, stone, eat, eat, walk, stone, laugh, eat eat eat, take photos, eat day! I miss my story books! Should have brought along a story book to read, then again, I know i will probably end up stoning rather then reading. Pig brought along her work, travelled everywhere with it, but never seem to have done anything at all... despite her relentless 'bored bored bored I am borrreddd!' 
Our next stoning pit stone takes us to Sofitel Saigon for a chocolate buffet!
This is part of our little booth. 
The only proper photo I have of the chocolate buffet! The rest turn out too dark and yellow and boo hoo hoo i forgot to take a photo of the 'buffet spread'. The rather pathetic chocolate buffet spread that left me hungry at the end of our 3 hour stoning. Ohhh how i regret not taking a photo!
After the buffet, the sky was already dark and because it was drizzling we decided to take a cab to Diamond plaza, a spanking new shopping mall in the heart of HCM. 
This photo is taken outside the HCM Post Office along Dong Koi Road. Pretty building yeah? I think this is probably one of the prettiest building in HCM. 
The interior - thats Mr Ho Chin Minh staring at us.
The Notre Dame Cathedral - one of the many landmarks in HCM, just opposite the post office. 
After shopping at the Supermarket, Parkson, we had dinner at the popular franchise PHO24 (there is an outlet in Millennia Walk, Singapore). My special bowl of Pho, with different parts of the cow. 
Piggy likes fried stuff... so this is ordered specially to entertain her. 
So this is the end of piggish day 1, dinner. Boring as it may seem, I think once in a while, we should be thankful that we are bored. Boredom is a blessing, can be a blessing, it is just a matter of perspective. 

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dorine said...

i think boredom can be a luxury sometimes too hahaha so yes, we should be thankful that we can have moments to be bored! :)