Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Galbiati Gourmet Deli

Its been a while since i last blogged, nope it is not that I have stopped eating, in fact I have been eating too much! but well its more like I either forgot to bring my camera or I simply forgot about taking photos of my food and before i know it.. uh oh...
Anwyay Tucked away in a corner in Bukit Timah is a pretty little mall (erm actually it is not exactly a mall but well) - Railway Mall. 

So here is tonight dinner: 
Eggplant with sundried tomato, I don't eat egg plant nor tomato, so i can't pass a fair comment on this appetizer.
Pizza counter
2nd appetizer. Yes yes! i know it looks more like a main course... nevertheless it IS an antipasto. I love the meatballs! well seasoned, roughly chopped meat. Almost perfect... well it would have been perfect if it is served a little warmer. 
This is my main, cant really rem the name.. well it is something like squid ink blah blah blah with chilli, shrimps, garlic and broccoli. Didn't really fancy it, the pasta tasted like the chinese cze char 'Yi mee' and the overall flavour too oriental, yes! like some cze char with a twist. 
My friend's main: lamb shank with coco pasta. I thought the lamb shank was pretty good, tender and full of flavour. Then again, people food always taste better...

Ohh if anyone has any idea how to a take photo such that it looks natural and not yellow (like the above) in a restaurant that has yellow lighting, please let me know. Or how do i go about editing such that it looks natural. Really dont know like yellowish tinge in the photos. 

400 Upper Bt Timah
The Rail Mall
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

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dorine said...

the eggplant looks yummy!!! i am also a fan of squid ink..must try during hols.. me just posted some of my macau pictures on my blog fatty char siew haha