Monday, January 12, 2009

Ubin First Stop

After our guided tour at Chek Jawa, the party of famished wolves  decided to eat our dinner at Pulau Ubin. 
Here is our first course... Mee Goreng. Well it is alright i guess, a little tasteless or rather the only distinctive taste was the spiciness of the noodles. Nevertheless i was hungry and i wouldnt mind any form of carbo. 
Our steamed fish which was ok.
The party agree that this common dish of kailan was the most delicious of our meal. 
The crab itself was not too bad, quite solid, comes with lots of roe and it was quite fleshy. My favourite part of the crab has to be the yummy shell!
This is the ginger sesame Kampong Chicken. This chicken dish is blend, very blend. The chicken meat was tasteless and well because it is a kampong chicken, it is a very skinny chicken. 
Our last dish was the fried prawn roll 'har zuo', well i thought that was good! unfortunately my fingers were goey, disgusting and oily, sadly i cant capture a photo of the prawn roll. 

Ubin First Stop
opening hours: 11am-8pm
6543 2489

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