Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taste Paradise

Treated mum to Taste Paradise during the festive season. This is the free appetizer - mayonnaise prawns. The sauces that were served to us were something like green ginger sauce, reminds me of chicken rice and 'her bee hiamp' - 'shrimp chili'. The ginger sauce was impressive and addictive!
We ordered 2 set lunches, with an addition of the highly recommended XO carrot cake. Definitely one of the best carrot cake i have eaten, the taste of carrot was discernible with the first bite. Not your usual $2 carrot cake where all you could taste is lard and flour, then again it is $7 compared to the usual $2 in hawker centre. Carrot cake is fried with beansprouts and chinese sausages with a tinge of wok hei. I would certainly recommend this if there are more people to share, but for just the 2 of us, i think it is a little bit too much with our set lunch.

The first course of the meal. Peking Duck, wasabi prawns with watermelon and pan seared foie gras. We were told to eat in the sequence of foie gras, peiking duck and finally Wasabi Prawns. Hmmm then again it has been a while, maybe i got the sequence mixed up, uh well... I realise i am not a fan of foie gras it is too rich for my tastebud.
Yup this is the piece of foie gras, looks kind of burnt but certainly seared to the right texture. Crispy on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside. I am a lover of pig liver, chicken liver, duck liver but Goose liver is just to gamely for me...
This piece of wasabi prawns on top of a piece of watermelon is my favourite, definitely refreshing after the foie gras.
This is the PeKing duck. Not very impressive. A tad to dry.
This is definitely the highlight of the meal! And it is also why i decided to bring my mum here even though i have made the promise to myself to swear of Sharks' Fin. So really no offence to the conservationist out there... but this is the BEST bowl of Shark Fins soup i have ever eaten. I am sure that the 'power' of this soup isnt the result of the Shark Fins but hours and hours of simmering chicken bones, pork bones and scallops. Actually if you taste it carefully, you would be able to tell that the predominate stock used is chicken bones!
Thick slabs of Sharks' Fins. Yes yes i am guilty.

Mum's meat dish was a piece of Cod fish which was so-s0.
I prefer my rack of lamb anytime.
Our last dish before dessert, abalone ramen. This i felt pales in comparison to the other dishes. In fact this dish is really the Anti-Climax of the meal. The meal would have ended on a better note if not for this noodles.
Our pretty pot of Chrysanthemum tea, kept warm with tea lights.

Mum's very yummy avocado cream. Very unique, I would recommend this over the mango cream which was rather ordinary.

This is the total damage. Definitely a good place to bring mama or grandma along. How i wish grandma was alive, she would definitely love this place. Afterall she is a hardcore fan of sharks' fin. Sorry once again to the conservationist out there!

48-49 Mosque Street
6226 2959
1200-1430, 1730-2230

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