Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yhingthai Palace

Ms Sit had craving for Thai food, it was either First Thai or Yhingthai along Purvis St, consulted hungrygowhere, and the vote was cast, we decided to opt for Yhingthai as it has higher rating. Actually we ate this a long long time ago, but i was too lazy to blog hence it is only after 3 months that this is here! So anyhow, i kinda have forgotten how the dishes taste. All i can conclude is that this outlet has got to be one of the best Thai restaurants I have been in Singapore!

The Padthai here is of course much better than Thai Express.
Green Curry Chicken, never liked green curry cos of the heavy coconut taste. And the pieces of chicken in the curry is kinda pathetic. Still prefer the indian version of curry chicken where you get solid parts of the chicken and not small pathetic pieces. ($15 for small)
The Olive Rice was very very good, very fragrant, not too salty, one of the best I have eaten. ($20 for medium)
The stuffed chicken wing was really good, filled with lots of stuffing like mushrooms and asparagus. Served really hot. But of course this doesnt come cheap at $3 per piece.
Tom Yum Soup with coconut and Clear Tom Yum Soup ($6 per bowl). I very much preferred the clear tom yum soup. Hot and Fiery, wonderful taste of lemongrass. I think i could just go there especially for the clear tom yum soup. Mama would truly love this.
Fish maw soup ($8), another recommended dish, but as i am not a fan of fish maw, so this soup is kind of forgettable. Okay but i am sure my mama would love it too.
Mango salad. Quite a unique dish.
This is a strange dish recommended by the waitress. Erm strange weird name too. This dish is called Condiments. It is some ikan bilis, small shrimps, mango, chili padi and onion on top of a leaf. U roll the leaf up together with the condiments and dip it into the bowl of chili. Unique and refreshing taste.

Overall experience, I love this place, would definitely come again. In fact after the dinner the first thing that came to my mind was that I need to give my mama a treat here soon! So fat boy, if u are reading this, lets treat fat mama to this place soon!

36 Purvis St
11:30-200, 600-1000

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